The Perfect Closet 3

What’s the most important room in a modern lady’s home? Is it the kitchen? Of course not—this isn’t the ‘50s. Is it the bedroom? We’ll admit, that’s a special room (sleep, serenity, other important s-words…), but not the foremost in our hearts. No, the most important room is unquestionably the closet.

These days, a closet is so much more than just a closet. It’s a room of repose and relaxation, where a lady can go to plan her outfit and her life. The lighting, the reflections, the organization—everything in a closet must be just. so.

Behold, ladies, the perfect closet.

Carolina Closets specializes in creating unique, specially designed closet sanctuaries for luxury households, so when their client approached them about this project—an extensive closet for the lady of the household in this new-build—they knew exactly how to make the most of her dream closet.

The exclusive design elements in this closet are innumerable. The u-shaped room offers special storage and organization for every item of clothing and every accessory. The clients wanted 24-inch deep storage that stretched to the floor with a clean, refined design. Everything about this closet is custom, from the custom-cut panels to the hardware, and even includes a secret passageway (we’re not telling you where—then it wouldn’t be a secret!). Soft-close drawers and doors mean no slams or snags. Extensive lighting—horizontally, vertically, and even upwards— creates a bright, fresh display. The crowning glory, of course, is the shoe closet; the client wanted to showcase her shoe collection, and with slanted shelves with a custom wood lip and lights following the edge of every shelf, every heel and toe is flaunted.

Slip into your silkiest robe, doctor a cocktail, and spend some time in your favorite room.