The Muses of Grovewood 3

Historic Grovewood Village, once home to the consequential weaving and woodworking complex of Biltmore Industries, continues its artistic tradition today as a gallery. 12 resident artists craft unique works in these historic, hallowed rooms. “Our 11-acre property, celebrating its centennial this year, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and includes Grovewood Gallery, working artist studios, a sculpture garden, Golden Fleece restaurant and an antique car museum,” says Grovewood Village’s Ashley Van Matre. The resident expert spotlights a few of the resident artists.

Daniel Essig

Asheville’s always been a literary town, but Essig brings a whole new perspective to the notion with his work. His wood-covered art books and book-based sculptures are crafted in a fourth-century binding style using rare woods, handmade paper and found objects.

“Dan’s work is exhibited nationally, and many of his sculptural pieces are featured in The Penland Book of Handmade Books. He also teaches book art workshops and classes throughout the region.”

Carl Powell

Longtime glass artist Carl Powell was recently awarded a large commission to design, fabricate and install seven stained glass windows in the new Van Dyke Performance Space in Greensboro this July, quite the honor considering over 100 artists applied.

“Carl is a National Endowment for the Arts recipient. His work has been collected by major museums, and he has been commissioned to fabricate and install several large-scale public and private art pieces throughout the United States.”

Chris Abell

Abell combines two artistic traditions—music and woodworking—to craft his Boehm system wooden flutes and whistles. His instruments are played around the world and even featured in movie soundtracks and CDs.

“Chris creates high-end wooden flutes; instruments in demand throughout North America, Europe, and Asia for their dark, rich tone. The Abell Flute is made primarily from aged African Blackwood and sterling silver.”

Tom Reardon/Kathleen Doyle

These artistic partners have been designing together for 40 years, creating jewelry and fine metalworks out of precious metals and stones.

“Tom and Kathleen have been resident artists at Grovewood Village since 1995. They’ve really built a reputation as world-class metalsmiths/jewelers. Their signature Pisgah Mountain rings are a customer favorite and can be tailor-made to showcase your individuality and style.”

Graeme Priddle/Melissa Engler

These two woodworkers share a studio in Grovewood Village, where they create award-winning sculptural pieces.

“Both Graeme and Melissa are accomplished artists individually. In 2015, they began collaborating on sculptural work in wood, inspired by nature and the natural environment. Graeme has over 20 years of experience in the woodworking field and has won numerous awards for his work, which has been exhibited widely internationally.”