A Seasonal Scramble 11

Sunny Point Café’s Garden-Fresh Breakfast

Drive through West Asheville on a warm weekend, and you’re bound to notice a congregation of folks on the corner of Haywood Road and State Street. Sunglassed teens share benches with couples sipping pint glass mimosas, kids run through rows of verdant veggies, and parents congregate around a black coffee canteen. It’s a scene as sunny as the name of the institution itself: Sunny Point Café.

The West Asheville institution is arguably our city’s favorite brunch spot, but they also offer dinner and dessert that will whip even the foodiest of foodies into a frenzy. What we like most about Sunny Point, however, is their devotion to fresh, locally-sourced food. And by locally-sourced we mean really local; ingredients and garnishes—vegetables, herbs and flowers—are often plucked from the on-site garden beds moments before they’re served. Although the produce grown here accounts for a fraction of the ingredients used daily in the café, having a garden adjacent to the restaurant showcases the value Sunny Point puts on fresh, local ingredients.

“The value is in the fact that there are so many independent, farm-to-table restaurants in this small area that makes us all strive to be the best we can and offer it to people that come to eat in Asheville, including our restaurant,” explains April Moon Harper, who co-owns the café with her mother, Belinda Raab.

Harper’s love for cooking blossomed from a childhood passion for baking, but her love for culturally-conscious eateries like Sunny Point came from her experiences as an adult. “I had worked in Atlanta for several years in a small neighborhood cafe and realized how much of a connection small independent restaurants can make with the community that surrounds them,” says Harper.

When the Waynesville native and her mother decided to open a restaurant with those values, they alighted on Asheville. “Where else would anyone want to live?” Harper smiles. “Asheville is an incredibly beautiful, thoughtful city, especially West Asheville.”

The intentionally-minded restaurant always offers a scramble with fresh, seasonal ingredients on their breakfast menu, a healthy take on the season’s bounty. If you’re craving one of these fresh dishes but don’t have the stomach for a long wait, fear not! Harper shares a spring scramble recipe, which includes two harvest items you should be able to get at local farmer’s markets this month: ramps and asparagus.