From Quaint to Cool 8

How This Home’s Hub Received a Much Needed Facelift

A kitchen is the undisputed center of a home. For centuries folks have gathered on hearths and around tables to break bread, share stories and nourish bodies and souls. Family feuds fade and sibling rivalries fall to the crunch and slurp of good food. It’s the most important room in the house, which means it also needs to be the most inviting and modernized room, too.

The dark, dated kitchen that started in this Asheville home wouldn’t work for the Berens family. “The Asheville house is our second home,” begins Jackie Berens, whose family divides their time between sunny Miami and sweet Asheville. “We fell in love with it because of the expansive views of the mountains, downtown Asheville, and the golf course, but everything inside was dark and outdated. We needed to open up the kitchen to bring in more light, and we also wanted it to be low maintenance and functional (since we have four sons and three grandsons).”

All their dreams came true with this full remodel. Démodé, dark wood cabinets were replaced with sleek, modern white and stainless steel that glimmers in warm sunlight; despite the undisputed modernity of the space, it’s still a warm and inviting space that welcomes grandkids for cookie baking and friends for football fames.

There’s lots of wine storage for the enthusiasts, and “I love a good cup of coffee, so I requested a coffee station,” says Jackie. The modern conveniences extend beyond the [visual]. “I love the newer appliances and the hidden outlets with USB ports,” she notes. “You can charge your phones and tablets from practically anywhere in the kitchen.”

But her favorite feature is that epicenter of an island, where friends and family alike gravitate. “We all gather around it while someone cooks (usually not me),” she says with a laugh, “and our sons can watch a football game on the kitchen tv and talk sports. We end up spending hours in the kitchen!”

Modern and traditional meld in this Asheville kitchen, forming families—and lots of fun—in a beautiful and bright setting. Interior design by Allard & Roberts Interior Design.