What's in My Bag...

Elena of Elena Events Shares Her Tips for Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit

With 12 years of experience in the event planning industry, it’s clear that I love planning weddings. My favorite aspect is designing and creating the wedding that my brides have dreamed of since they were little girls—but that dream can easily slip away with wedding day mishaps. My approach is very simple and down-to-earth, but the execution is detailed and organized. That attention to detail—including the little things I have on hand—has saved me in a variety of day-of sticky situations. So what’s in my emergency wedding day kit?

  1. Mini sewing kit. I can’t count how many things I have had to sew over the years. Ripped or torn dresses, straps, buttons—the list goes on. A sewing kit is one of the most important tools to have on hand for those unpredictable wedding mishaps.
  2. Bandaids. I don’t pack bandaids for cuts or scrapes, but for all the feet that uncomfortable heels have made their victims. At almost every wedding I put bandaids on the toes or heels of the bride or bridesmaids. (Sidenote: find some comfortable shoes—your feet will thank you!)
  3. Mints. Wedding day jitters lead to dry mouths, but mints help loosen up tongues before speeches. And of course, everyone wants fresh breath before that big kiss!
  4. Over-the-counter meds.  Pain killers, headache pills and Benadryl are key. You never know when someone will have an allergic reaction, or a rehearsal dinner-induced headache.
  5. Body spray. This is always helpful incase someone forgot to wear deodorant (although I also pack deodorant) or if the wedding is on a warm day.
  6. Safety pins. Safety pins are almost always incorporated into the big day. I’ve used them for bridal party attire and reception décor, to tweak things that may ripped or have come undone or apart.
  7. Bobby pins and hairspray. I think my other job description should be hairstylist. At some point in the wedding I am fixing hair, repining or securing loose hair and dealing with the veil. Hairspray is always handy for quick touch-ups.
  8. Tampons/pantyliners. Mother nature can visit right on schedule or take you by surprise. Either way, it’s important to have a backup.
  9. Lighter. This is surprisingly something that’s easily overlooked. I’ll pack two in case one doesn’t spark for those important moments like lighting candles or sparklers