Skinny Dip Season 7

Vanquish Versus Coolsculpting

It’s officially summertime! Whether you like to spend the season poolside in a bikini or on the trails in shorts and tanks, this season takes us outdoors with far fewer layers. Before you start baring it all and showing some skin, invest in a treatment to help you look—and feel—your best.

While many of you may have heard about Coolsculpting, the most advanced, latest and superior method comes with Vanquish.

Both methods are considered “non-invasive” and permanently destroy fat cells, and while neither removes as much as liposuction, both come with less cost and risks. Coolsculpting freezes fat cells, while Vanquish destroys the fat using heat. Most patients describe the feeling as similar to laying under a warm blanket, whereas those who receive Coolsculpting report it to be uncomfortable, both the suction used as well as the cold freeze.

Not everyone’s body shape is conducive for Coolsculpting, which requires the area to be tightly “sucked” into the treatment head, while Vanquish “hovers” over the area and is able to treat any body type. Vanquish is therefore capable of treating all abdomen areas, love handles, muffin tops, bra strap fat and thighs!

Coolsculpting sucks an area in and freezes for about an hour, whereas Vanquish never touches the skin and treatments only take 45 minutes. And since larger areas are being treated uniformly, the results are more even and not lumpy, as opposed to Coolsculpting.

Both devices cleared the FDA, with Vanquish destroying between 25-30% of the fat cells while Coolsculpting treated 20-25%. That is actually a 20% increase in overall effectiveness of Vanquish over Coolsculpting!

Complications are few with both devices. Coolsculpting, however, may produce paradoxical adipose hyperplasia, which is basically areas of rapid increases in fat adjacent to the areas treated—the exact opposite of your goal! Nerve pain was also reported with Coolsculpting, which has never been reported with Vanquish.

The cost of either treatment is roughly the same, but consider this: all that “advertising” you’ve seen and heard about Coolsculpting had to be paid for somehow. And those advertising dollars are reflected in the price of Coolsculpting procedures, whereas Vanquish relies on results and word of mouth, thereby lowering the overall cost per result for most patients.

Come get the latest, most advanced, more comfortable and more effective minimally invasive fat reduction: Vanquish!  Available only at Biltmore Restorative Medicine and Aesthetics in WNC