Wardrobe Malfunction 3

Move over ladies, men are taking back their half of the closet.

This masculine retreat of a closet was expertly designed, manufactured and installed by

Carolina Closets with men in mind. A cool, chic-but-rustic aesthetic is adaptable to any man’s style and wardrobe.

This creative closet features custom floor-mounted wardrobes to optimize every possible inch for all accessories, hanging garments, suits, trousers, sport coats, shirts and shoes. The dressing mirror above the drawers and specially-designed accessory trays below means this distinguished man can keep his watches, sunglasses, cuff links, tie stays and other accessories neatly organized and get ready to impress the world without ever leaving the closet (plus take a peek before exiting).

The custom-fashioned hooks mounted discretely on the wall are a perfect place to hang those slightly worn pants or jacket that aren’t quite ready for the cleaners. Full extension baskets and drawers allow total access to even the hardest to reach spaces and reveal back corners to the light of day.

This regal closet oasis includes finishing touches like custom-matched backs, crown molding, dim-able LED lighting, integrated hampers to separate as you fill (making that eventual trip to the cleaners a breeze) and ample storage for work and play clothes.

Beginning your morning in a space as fresh, organized and neat as you makes a measurable difference in the rest of your day.

Contact Carolina Closets, Asheville’s premier provider of custom storage solutions, for more information on your own regal closet retreat.