Our Thanksgiving Table 3

This Issue’s Chefs Share Their Favorite Turkey Day Dishes

Dave Kane, Foothills

As far as a favorite Thanksgiving dish, it doesn’t fit too well with the Foothills concept, but it’s definitely going to be Scalloped Oysters.  My mother was from New England, and this recipe was handed down from her mother and so on. It’s super simple, fresh oysters layered with crumbled Oyster Crackers, melted butter, heavy cream, clam juice and salt, then baked.  It’s just this warm, briney, rich, delicious dish with an nice crispy top that always transports me back to New Hampshire when I make it every year.  I’ve never needed to change the recipe one bit.

Casey McKissick, Foothills

I always loved the sweet, sticky hams my Grandmother made with pineapple rounds with maraschino  cherrys in the middle. I’ve upgraded our family ham to the Foothills ham, of course and like to use brandied cherries I make at home to bring a little booziness to the glaze. I like turkey just fine, but that ham is always what I like to see on the table.

Neeraj Kebede, Addissae

Everyday is Thanksgiving for me! (laughs) Ethiopian food, there is beef stew, which is my favorite. The chicken stew and the veggie, potato, cabbage, carrot made together, that’s also my favorite.

Owen Lane, Foothills

Only one dish came to mind. My Grandmothers bourbon pecan pie. When I was younger she would send my brother out to collect pecans from the pecan tree in front of the house on the farm. Well obviously realizing later in life that was just to get us out of everyones hair. The pie itself had a buttery flakey crust, the sweet filling and crunch from the caramelized pecans on top. There’s nothing better when you have changed clothes into something comfortable after eating too much.

Jacob Whitman, Native Kitchen

My favorite was not traditional but it had to be my grandfathers home made pasta with a dark brown sauce made with the turkey drippings. It was also a fun activity for all us kids to help out with.