Tastes like Home 13

Cranberry Muffin Pie at Baked Pie Company

If the holidays have a scent, it is surely the sugary waft of a fresh-baked pie. When the air is thick with the honeyed perfume of a holiday pie, it calls all our hearts home—especially at Baked Pie Company. 

“I just wanted it to feel like you were coming home when you walked in,” says Kirsten Fuchs, her fingers wrapped around a steaming cup of joe, the air around her sweetened with that tell-tale eau de pie. 

Mission accomplished. It’s not just the sugar-sweet scent of her signature baked goods that make this Arden shop feel like home; it’s the carefully curated selection of vintage goods and faux taxidermy handcrafted by Fuchs’ daughter Haley. It’s the tin ceilings and the whitewashed floors and the barnwood. It’s the good coffee and the board games and the coloring books, dotted with sticky fingerprints and crayon shavings from happy, youthful visitors.

It is a place wholly dissimilar to anywhere else in Asheville, born from the very absence of such an eatery. When Haley felt a hankering for a slice of blueberry pie while the two were running errands in Arden, their options were nonexistent. And so, after a few months of brainstorming and six months of recipe testing, Fuchs opened Baked Pie Company in April of this year. 

It turns out they weren’t the only locals on the hunt for the perfect piece of pie. “People have really welcomed us,” Fuchs says with a smile. “We’ve catered more to locals.” It’s locals who have come in for slices and big cups of coffee and whole pies for the holidays, and it’s the locals that have prompted Fuchs to open her second location in Woodfin. Like Arden, the new iteration of Baked Pie Company finds its home where so many of us locals find our homes—not among the hustle and bustle (and tourism) of downtown, but in the quieter suburban fringe. 

In addition to the new location in Reynold’s Village, Baked Pie Company is also expanding its original kitchen in order to supply the demand for wholesale orders. That’s on top of an ever-expanding menu of pies that range from classic, like the most-popular Honey Pecan, to totally unique, like Hawaiian Pineapple and Unicorn. Whatever the flavor, the pies are always 100% homemade by hand with zero fillers. 

Now that’s a story as sweet as pie.