The Evolution of Hunter Grigg 11

As Asheville grows, so does her range of musical talent. Take, for example, Hunter Grigg. 

The Johnson City, Tennessee, native got his start in a local punk band, but his musical inclinations have always been broad. “I’d always valued and drawn inspiration from a number of genres and artists, from old country to rap and everything in between,” Grigg remembers. A college-era trip to Europe propelled Grigg’s notion of a career in music and, eventually, his move to Asheville. 

“I initially chose Asheville for the music scene and the community’s undying appreciation for it,” Grigg says of our mountain town. “I also knew that the scene would only get bigger. Which is why I’m more interested in keeping Asheville my base now, because of that growth—in the scene, but also the city itself. The literal and figurative landscape of the area is shifting, quickly, and I think if it’s harnessed properly and with that same amount of Asheville’s love, it will truly serve artists like never before.”

Grigg’s own evolution as an artist is certainly contributing to that burgeoning Asheville music scene, and it’s been an evolution indeed. “In the beginning, like any young artist, I wanted to be my contemporaries. But as I matured and had some rough experiences in the business, I knew I’d never be my favorite artists,” he notes. Grigg’s departure from simulating the sounds of his idols is what led to the discovery of his own sound. “It was then I began my journey to find Hunter Grigg. In essence, that transition really looked like a departure from a more traditional, folky mountain sound, to something a little rougher around the edges.” The result, meticulous and ranging acoustic guitar and earnest vocals and lyrics, is a sound wholly Hunter Grigg. 

The evolution is far from over for the Asheville artist, who’s currently recording his first full-length record with longtime friend and mentor J.B. Beverly. “With his aid, I am really beginning to capture some of my earliest musical foundations, which has shaped this process into a really beautiful experience of artistic creation and expression,” Grigg says. Upon the album’s release, Grigg plans to assemble the first Hunter Grigg Band and hopefully return to Europe, where his evolution began.