Functional Fitness with Tim Thew 1

Tim Thew has a long history of fitness and training, beginning back in 1996 when he was asked to fill in as a coach for a water aerobics class. It was teaching that course and the bond he developed with his students that forever changed Thew.

With his newfound passion for fitness, Thew completed a marathon in 1998, but a marathon soon after left him in shock. He realized he needed to actually invest in learning the science of training. “I made the decision to go back to college to learn the hows and whys of training and nutrition and get my Exercise Physiologist Certification through American College of Sports Medicine, followed up by a USA Triathlon Coaching Certification,” he explains.

That pursuance eventually led him to a career as a personal trainer, but not without a few bumps in the road. Thew lost both his brothers to morbid obesity related diseases and struggled with stress-related weight gain himself. Today he’s as healthy as ever, and helps Ashevillians to feel the same.

“I currently focus on in-home training for all fitness levels and abilities,” explains Thew, who’s now the mastermind behind Carolina Gold Fitness. “It occurred to me that my clients in the gym were all needing training that was based on body-weight or function-based fitness. This allowed for a lot of fun outside and in various parts of the gym.” Now Thew takes his clients to parks and outdoors venues to switch things up, or even their own yard or house for in-home training. In honor of his brothers, Thew also helps his clients with weight management and nutrition coaching. 

Thew’s all about functional, implementable fitness—like push-ups. The military classic can seem daunting for a newbie, but Thew’s progression will have you pushing up in no time.