Strawberry Sweets Forever 23

BimBeriBon Captures the Season with a Thai Basil Mochi Cake

Spring is heralded by a rainbow of edible colors: burgundy turnips, tender green lettuces, and sweetest of all, crimson, gem-like strawberries. 

“Strawberries speak very loudly as the season’s fruit, especially in this area,” says Reza Setayesh, co-owner of West Asheville’s bright and fresh (in offerings and design) BimBeriBon. With a name so quirky it’s impossible to forget, BimBeriBon opened last fall and immediately filled a surprisingly vacant position as Asheville’s go-to good-for-you eatery. The menu is a spectrum of superlatives: gluten-free, sugar-free, locally-sourced, seasonal, and most of all, delicious. 

“We believe in old world cuisine and utilizing the goodness when it comes in abundance, whether it be fresh, cooked, or fermented,” adds Setayesh. This new season offers colorful produce in abundance indeed, and you’ll find it scattered throughout the eatery’s menu in hearty and lighter dishes alike. 

“Spring is a very important season for me because I’m Iranian born. In Iran we celebrate spring as the new year,” Setayesh continues. “I get excited about ingredients that pop out of the ground in spring.” In particular: strawberries. 

Setayesh and BimBeriBon’s pastry chef created this Thai Basil Mochi Cake with spring strawberry star anise layers to capture the simple sweetness of the season’s favorite fruit.