Great Drives to Long Drives 10

The Best Courses in the Region and the Cars to Get There

You could drive up the Parkway or down the interstate, park at a pull-off, and drink in views that would make the rest of the state jealous. But if you want to make the most of our mountains, if you want to watch them spread before you in a gradient of greens, if you want to feel the gentle break of manicured grass beneath your feet and breathe in the humid air of a midsummer morning, if you want it all, then your drive must culminate in one of the region’s revered golf courses.


Gentlemen of the mountains and foothills have long recognized that our local sights are best appreciated from one of these hailed courses, club in hand, and it’s time for you to share the heritage of the men who came before you. Travel southwest to Bear Lake, east to Bald Mountain, or due south to The Cliffs at Walnut Cove—wherever you end up, you’re promised roaming, picturesque courses with miles of sightline.


Just as important as the course you visit is the car that gets you there, so we’ve helped you find those, too. Whether you’re looking for sleek practicality or purring sport, you’ll arrive in style.


Buckle up and brace your back swing—it’s gonna be a long, hot summer.



Jack Nicklaus, who designed this par 71 course, described it beautifully: “Walnut Cove provides an extraordinary natural setting for golf. Areas on this course make you feel as if you are playing through a national forest.” The front nine holes, set on former farmlands, offer soft ridges and rewarding bunkers, while the back nine dip into native woodlands and over mountain streams.

Maserati Ghibli

I’ve driven some nice cars before, but I’ve never had people come up to the car and say “whoa!” I’m starting to think Maserati is an Italian word for “sexy-fast-zoom,” or something along those lines. Such a responsive ride, and the lines of this car will make you feel like Sophia Loren is sitting in the passenger seat with you.



If you’re looking for a quick game with stunning views, veer southwest to Bear Lake Reserve and the Bear Lake Golf Club. This nine-hole, par 29 course—another Nicklaus design—casts subtle, dipping greens across the mountain’s summit, and you can practice your swing at the on-site driving range and putting green.

Volvo XC40

The new compact crossover from Volvo is great for winding mountain roads with all-wheel drive and active lane assist. The ride is smooth and the acceleration is surprisingly punchy when you need it. Combine that with an aggressive front profile, and it makes for a great ride.