Asheville style at your fingertips

When it comes to being fashion forward, these six Instagrammers have it all figured out. Whether you need a little style inspiration or want to stay in the know with local fashion news and the latest trends, these fashionistas and local businesses have truly mastered the art of social media. From a local business that seeks to empower women with their handmade jewelery (#3) to a men’s and women’s boutique located in the heart of downtown (#5), this list does not discriminate. Ladies, let’s get ready to do some shopping. Men, check out #5 and #6 for both you and the women in your life.

  1. @justferriss
  2. @hazeltwentystyle
  3. @soulku
  4. @brooklync82
  5. @unionasheville
  6. @spicergreene