I.Dology is an Interior Design Company that specializes in the science of inviting spaces.

During the holidays, you can always expect company. Whether it’s reserved for friends or extended family, the importance of an inviting and cozy guest room can’t be understated. There are many ways to make room welcoming. I.Dology is an Asheville based company that specializes in just that. They understand that different homes can call for a different aesthetic. It’s not just a job, it’s a science. It’s a passion for taste and style that evokes comfortable living for the modern household.


Tip #1

The holidays can be chilly. It’s a good idea to cozy up your guest room with some warm textures and colors. Try to create a contrast between the backdrop and some of the other pieces in your room. Accent the space with pillows or a side table to create contrast with a neutral throw.


Tip #2

Layering can create a sense of warmth within a space; compare it to layering your clothes on a cold day. Rugs or heavy drapes not only create depth, but offer warmth in the colder months. Window dressing can be changed out year around, so in the winter, try some heavier weighted drapes. Heavier blankets are always appreciated on those particularly cold evenings. A frilled rug can also offer a comforting and warm to the touch.


Tip #3

Botanicals bring a fresh look to your space. It’s important to breathe some life into your guest room during the colder months when most of the greenery outside has browned. Plants are always a welcome addition.


  1. Artemis Sham, $115

  2. Russet Sham, $135

  3. Russet Queen Coverlet, $385

  4. Ombre Table Lamp, $435

  5. Woven Wood Bench, $735

  6. Diamond Strip Rug 8×10, $1599

  7. Night Stand, $598

  8. Tall Chest of Drawers, $1598

  9. Cable Knit Throw, $190