Queen Bee and the Honeylovers

Whitney Moore is the “Queen Bee” in Asheville’s most joyful swing band, and she’s thrilled to share her love of the city and its rich history through song. Each composition performed by her and her band is original, and it’s a tribute to all things Asheville. With songs titled “Beaucatcher” and “Helen’s Bridge,” it’s no doubt there’s a passion here that…

Letting The Good Times Roll With The Mug

 Article Adam Hartrum | Photography Evan Anderson  Milstead prefers playing smaller bars as opposed to the larger clubs. The band finds that playing music for some extra cash is a great time, but that making the audience smile and giving them a good time is the most important aspect of performing.  Why the blues, and why in Asheville?

A Woman for All Seasons

Since Flat Rock Playhouse’s earliest beginnings, women have been integral to the theatre. The husband and wife team who founded the Playhouse, Robroy and Leona Farquhar, were just that: a team. “It is said that he was the dreamer and she was the doer. From day one, a woman was helping to lead FRP, and was celebrated for her contributions,” says Lisa…

Lyrics with Lincoln

One of Asheville’s rising stars reveals his thoughts on music, Asheville and community.