Turkey Day Workout

Complete this entire circuit, in order, as fast as possible with correct form. Use weights if you’ve got ‘em!

The Facts of Pain Management

Whether from age or accident, be it chronic or acute, pain is something most of us will face over the course of our lives. And yet, it’s a subject about which many of us are unknowledgeable. Instead, we’re overwhelmed by the barrage of friendly advice and wives tales, hurled at as so often that many of us can’t see the…

What’s Brewing?

Discovering the art of tea

Skinny Dip Season

"I lost 6 1/4 inches with a seven week session, and I have four more weeks of results where inches will continue to fall off. It's incredible!" --Asheville test patient It’s officially summertime! Whether you like to spend the season poolside in a bikini or on the trails in shorts and tanks, this season takes us outdoors with far fewer…

Understanding Ultherapy

Preventing aging has been a common goal of fairytale mothers and herbalists alike for centuries. With modern medical advances, it’s almost a reality. For decades, facial plastic surgery and its regenerative procedures have been of two extremes. On one end, there were superficial treatments. Chemical peels, laser treatments and skin creams loaded with beneficial goodies help slow aging, and even…