The Bob Moog Foundation

Chances are, one of your favorite tracks features a Moog synthesizer. In fact, if you’ve watched the hit Netflix series Stranger Things, you heard Moog synthesizers all over the soundtrack. Without this innovation in sound, music wouldn’t be what we know and love today. And the person we have to thank is Bob Moog.

Holistic Health and Preventative Wellness with Dr. Erin Stafenacci

If you wander into one of the many nooks of historic Biltmore Village, you might find Dr. Erin Stefanacci of Carolina Holistic Health. Walking into Dr. Stefanacci’s office, you feel an instant sense of calm. It’s unlike the traditional doctor’s office and feels much more like a spa; there's no stuffy waiting room, and warm lighting and healing energy fill…

The Road to Rich’s

Talking Competition, Family and Life with a CrossFit Legend Article Nicolette Martin | Photography Paul Versluis About 80 miles east of Nashville, among the winding roads of Putnam County, Tennessee, between a brick house and an old red barn, there’s a gravel road. It’s easy to miss in the expanse of rolling hills that, in … Continued

To Nourish and Inspire

As we transition from summer into autumn, leaves falling and weather growing chilly, we are reminded that this beautiful season is one of being thankful and giving. Bounty & Soul knows these principles well.

A Craft of Passion

At Givens Estates, an idyllic retirement community tucked into one of Asheville’s hollers, they don’t have clubs—they have interest groups. And a particularly hearty interest group is meeting to discuss their passion: woodworking.

Contained in Home

When we say nearly everything in Naylor’s home is repurposed or refurbished, we mean everything. Here’s a quick rundown of some of his more remarkable uses of refitted materials. Most of the home’s windows were pulled from demolition projects, including the sliding door on the back of the house.

Raising Hearts and Hands

Tickets to the gala are $125 and can be purchased at or by calling the WNCAP office at 828-335-6680. What could be better than an evening of good wine, fine food and great art (all of it up for auction), shared among friends and benefitting a worthy cause? For almost 30 years, the Raise Your Hand Auction and Gala…