Silver Fox 3

The Redesigned MKX Defines a New Generation of Lincolns

The only thing silver about Lincolns these days are their sleek, shiny exteriors. Once proscribed to an older crowd, the past few years have found Lincoln shifting their sights—and gears—toward a younger luxury market. Gone are the rounded curves and slow ease of older models, replaced by a swankier, sportier aesthetic, unparalleled technology, and genuine power. These new features are especially evident in the fresh redesign of the Lincoln MKX.

Open the door of the MKX, slide into the sumptuous leather seat, and open your eyes to the future of automobile technology. The Lincoln MKX features more bells and whistles than any other luxury midsize SUV on the market. Those sumptuous seats we mentioned before are home to multicontour personalized seating with 22–way adjustment, built in heating and cooling, and even massage capabilities. The touchscreen center console offers a bevy of futuristic options for driver and passenger alike: confirm the local speed limit through the navigation system, check movie times and ski conditions, and find your dinner destination with ease. Change the radio station hands–free with a mere spoken command. Front and rear cameras offer you a 360–degree view of the road ahead and behind. Even checking your blind spot is a design marvel in the MKX, with telltale lights on mirrors that warn you of unforeseen objects. You might expect all these futuristic features to be overwhelming, but it’s all surprisingly intuitive and easy to navigate.

The MKX may still require a driver, but with a plethora of semi–autonomous features, you’re finally able to relax and enjoy the ride. The MKX’s lane keeping system keeps you aware of your position and can even gently nudge your wheel back into place, and adaptive cruise control can sense when traffic slows, allowing the vehicle to automatically decelerate. But our favorite feature? Park assist. Just pull past an open space (parallel or perpendicular) and the vehicle takes over the steering, deftly maneuvering into the spot. Watching your steering wheel move of its own accord is mind–boggling—but revolutionary.

Active noise control, which uses the speakers to cancel out the cacophony of sounds outside the cabin, may leave you forgetting about the engine—but you shouldn’t. If you’re looking for power, choose the MKX’s advanced 2.7–liter twin–turbocharged Ti–VCT EcoBoost V6, which will have you whipping through traffic effortlessly. With three driving modes in the MKX—comfort, normal, and sport—you have complete control over your driving experience. Whether you’re gripping our Appalachian curves or just cruising down Biltmore, you can adjust the MKX’s driving style to your preference.