Local Gift Guide

In Asheville, we like to keep things local—and that includes our gifts. Lucky for us, our mountain town harbors a bounty of makers, crafters, artists and chefs stitching and whipping up unique gifts this holiday season. All the gifts in our Local Gift Guide are made right here in Asheville (with a few Carolinian crafters thrown in). You can grab…

Noggy or Nice

At the height of the craft cocktail movement, there are a series of American cities renowned for their aperitifs, places where refined palates demand their drinks be made in an artful fashion, cities like New York, Portland, L.A. and San Francisco. With experience slinging and shaking drinks in four of those five domestic meccas, Charlie Hodge was more than prepared…

Tastes like Home

If the holidays have a scent, it is surely the sugary waft of a fresh-baked pie. When the air is thick with the honeyed perfume of a holiday pie, it calls all our hearts home—especially at Baked Pie Company. 

Head for the Hills!

“It’s easier for us to launch a new concept like this because we don’t have to create authenticity,” says Casey McKissick, proprietor of Foothills Meats, elbows propped on a table in his West Asheville restaurant and butcher bar—one of two new locations slinging fresh meat and thoughtfully-prepared dishes and drinks into the clambering jaws of Asheville’s foodies.

Fresh Suds & Supper

In Asheville, beer comes in all shapes, colors and sizes: ruby-hued ambers in tall tankards, pints of foaming, chocolatey stouts. And you won’t just find it in glasses—it’s infused into desserts and dishes across town, too. 

New Traditions

“When we started this project, the idea was to not just make booze, but to make booze that is pretty unique and sort of new and very traditional at the same time,” says Rett Murphy. The project he’s speaking of is Biltmore Village’s new distillery, Eda Rhyne Distilling Company. 

A Hip Hap House

“This is our dream home,” Megan Walsh, her hand grazing the worn wood of the stair rail, pauses, turns to look behind her, and laughs. “I know everyone says that, but we’d definitely like to pass this on to our kids.” It’s an open display of the genuineness that marks all that the Walshes do, an almost old-fashioned authenticity that…

Great (Room) Expectations

Our mountains are ancient, rolling testaments to the timeless beauty of nature. Their majesty lies in the curves that tell a story centuries old. A thoroughly modern home might seem at odds in such a place, the sharp, crisp edges of mankind a jarring antithesis to the mountains around it. But in the case of the Gold’s home in Southcliff,…

Abstract Interpretations

Artist Linda Gritta is an interpreter. Metaphorically, of the emotions and memories she translates into thickly-colored paintings, but literally too, as an interpreter in sign language. For a long time, it was to that literal field of interpretation that Gritta devoted herself. Despite growing up with a passion for the arts, Gritta initially chose a different path. “It didn’t seem…

Three-Ring Show

Our town is known for its art deco skyline, but local artist Wendy Newman brings a whole new level of art to our architecture with her unique mandalas and fashion designs. Newman received her first camera as a Christmas gift when she was just 8 years old and has considered herself a photographer ever since. Though the arts long called…

Zip. Zero. Zilch.

We’re living in the future. Need proof? Just look at Zero motorcycles. Born out of a dusty Santa Cruz, California, garage just over a decade ago, Zero motorcycles quickly drove itself to the top of the pack in the electric transportation movement. The company sells more electric motorcycles than all of its competitors—combined.

A Culinary Promise

Hendersonville may not seem like an epicenter of culinary promise, but thanks to Jason Reasoner, head chef and owner of Postero, it’s well on its way. Perched on the corner of Main Street, Postero is an enclave of both rustic and art-deco aesthetics, an unexpected amalgamation of styles that somehow works—much like the menu itself. The immersive kitchen, which seamlessly…

Under the Influence

Three brewers and the Chamber of Commerce walk into a bar… It’s not a joke. We gathered three brewers from hugely disparate breweries to talk about their industry and its impact on our community. The roundtable, facilitated by Ben Teague, COO of the Chamber of Commerce, included Ward Beveridge of nearby mega-brand Bold Rock Hard Cider, Chris Frosaker of longtime…

More Than a Taste

It’s a warm summer night and the air is alive with the clink of wine glasses, the twinkling bubble of laughter and the soft pop of fresh corks. We’re not at some rooftop cocktail bar or mod wine lounge, but at South Asheville’s favorite wine shop, Vaso de Vino.

Late Night Burger Delight

You’re downtown. It’s late. And you need to eat. This isn’t the time for artfully plated hors d’oeuvres or delicate entrees. This is the time for good, old fashioned red meat and fried potatoes. This is the time, as many Ashevillians know, for The Vault Burger.

A River Runs Through It

While exploring the quiet backcountry of upstate South Carolina in 1970, where a slow-rolling tractor loaded down with apples was the main sighting along lonely Highway 76, Jim and Jeanette Greiner found the place they were looking for. But they had no idea they would also launch a vacation family tradition in the southeast that now boasts over half a…


There’s something inherently romantic about horseback riding. The sway of the saddle and the cadenced clop of hooves make for a quiet lullaby that helps you relax into nature. But there’s something decidedly unromantic about “around the barn” type horseback riding businesses where riders take a laggard jaunt around a dusty loop and miss the magic of the sport. Saddle-Up…

A Taste of Monterrey

Tomatillo salsa is the most classic salsa of any taqueria in Mexico. Our variation is very healthy because we don't use oil, only fresh-charred ingredients. Preparation is easy, but the most important part is finding the freshest, ripe ingredients. Locate fresh, ripe tomatillos (usually they're larger) and make sure there are no white or yellow tones on them. Stickiness is…

Expanding Our Horizons

In Asheville, we’re expanding our horizons—both literally and figuratively. Our city is stretching and growing, as are the souls who inhabit it, as we welcome new industries and new ideas and turn this sleepy mountain town into a Southern hub.

Guy’s Night Out

We’ve all heard of girl’s night out, outings peppered with wine glasses and high heels—but what about guy’s night out? Sometimes a gentleman just needs a stiff drink and a good meal with his compatriots by his side. These are nights of mirth and debate and, occasionally, debauchery, with the staccato clink of glasses and the rounded curl of laughter…

Volvo S90

In theory, a luxury sedan should combine the best aspects of all vehicles: sporty but spacious, fast yet fastidious. But so often these models fall flat, turning into clunky, matronly cousins of the sports car and SUV alike. That’s certainly not the case with the Volvo S90.

Sweet Escape

Charleston is one of the country’s top wedding destinations, and The Cottages on Charleston Harbor offer a sweet retreat for brides and grooms-to-be. The property features two lawns on which to say “I do,” spaces lush with native marsh grasses and pristine white sands where the officiant’s voice blends with the lapping of waves. Rehearsals and receptions along the harbor…

Around the World in 80 Bites

Like so many chefs raised in the South, Zambra’s Brian Bennett cites his grandmother as inspiration for his career. “When I was young, we had family dinners on Sunday which Grandma was the star of. I liked to hang out in the kitchen with her, and that’s what got me started.”

A Weekend Guide to the Scenic City

Nestled between the snaking Tennessee River and the Appalachian mountains, Chattanooga has earned its official nickname as the Scenic City. Once a bustling industrial hub for cargo traveling by river and rail, today Chattanooga promises no less of an adventure for visitors. Efforts to revitalize the city have opened opportunities to engage with the city’s past and present: a popular…

Modern Mountains

The Watkins family placed their modern home in a breathtaking valley, merging the new and the old in seamless symmetry. But it took a lot of planning and foresight to make the two looks harmonize.

From Quaint to Cool

A kitchen is the undisputed center of a home. For centuries folks have gathered on hearths and around tables to break bread, share stories and nourish bodies and souls. Family feuds fade and sibling rivalries fall to the crunch and slurp of good food. It’s the most important room in the house, which means it also needs to be the…

Grow Happy

A stroll through the warm light of Flora, tinged by the dim glow of green things, is as experientially rewarding as it is relaxing. You can bring those feel-good vibes home. Recently, Thomas and her team have been refining a new endeavor in the form of installations. Using Woolly Pockets, and ingenious product made 100% from recycled plastic bottles, Flora…

Greetings From Asheville

Our town has long been the artist's enclave. Our hills clatter with the sound of banjos and spoons, our street corners and storefronts bear the marks of paintbrushes and spray cans, and the quiet halls of dozens of galleries sing with the silent voices of local artists. Take a stroll down the streets of downtown Asheville and gather a spray…

A New Life

Walk into Marthaler Jewelers, the co-venture of jewelry experts and enthusiasts Andy and Tonya Marthaler, and you’ll instantly feel at home in the refined and elegant showroom. It’s a true testament to the idea that the world of high-end jewelry can be an experience that is both fun and comfortable, without compromising quality or integrity.

Duck, Duck, Confit Quesadilla

“Hustle” is the name of the game in Asheville, a city where most folks juggle at least two jobs to make ends and dreams meet. It’s a concept Bandidos owner and chef Justin Smudde knows a thing or two about. The wily entrepreneur has a handful of businesses, including Bandidos and Blue Ridge Renovations. Over the years he’s ventured into…

Makeover for the Soul

A makeover is more than just a new look. It may include makeup, a change in hairstyle and a new outfit or two, but more importantly, it’s a therapeutic experience. One that provokes a feeling beyond exterior changes and delves into the very soul. The first thing I consider when approaching a makeover is my client’s current look and habits,…

Asheville’s Achievers

It may take a village to raise a child, but in Asheville, it takes Kit Cramer to run the village. Her resume is astoundingly lengthy, a dizzying list that culminates in her current position as President & CEO of our Chamber of Commerce.

Red Stag Romance

Though it sounds like the idyllic stuff of dreams, Ostrander’s childhood memories are very real and still influence his work today. “I got a little spoiled on freshness of product; I could always just go out to the barn and pick what I wanted, but that has carried on to be a positive in my career choice—well, I’m not sure…

A New Kind of Medicine

January is the month of resolutions, and most of them orbit a single idea: health. Gyms fill with new fitness devotees, piles of organic produce dwindle at alarming rates, folks hit the pillow earlier and their yoga mats later. And yet, good health is a seemingly unattainable goal for a growing percentage of Americans.

Go to the Dogs

It’s simple, really. To be healthy you eat your greens, log time at the gym and get plenty of rest. It’s kind of common sense, but something is missing from the aforementioned formula: pets.

Ofri’s Home Cooking

A lot of chefs have simple resumes; they detail hours spent in kitchens and classrooms, preparing dishes and leaving the real world somewhere in a steamy haze.

A Biltmore Christmas

Christmas at Biltmore is about so much more than decorations. The estate comes to life with annual shindigs and celebrations to ring in the holidays!

A Sweet Escape

When we arrived at Treehouse Vineyards, the first thing that hit me was the smell. The muscadine grapes lace the wind with a sweetness that's unmistakable, as Southern as tupelo honey—and as sweet, too. The second thing was the juxtaposition of the beautiful vineyard, spread across rolling, rural hills, and the neighborhood that surrounded it, a suburban setting with cracked…

Asheville’s Gift Guide

We reached out the best locally-owned shops around Asheville and asked their owners to share their favorite gifts for the holidays. Whether your shopping for your sweetheart, your best friend, your mailman, or even yourself, these finds are sure to please!

From Farm to Fork

In Asheville, “farm to table” isn’t just a kitschy slogan slapped on produce or paraphernalia to rope in customers. Here, farm to table is a veritable lifestyle. We fill our plates with a rainbowed bounty of vegetables and a pinky gradient of fresh meats, locally sourced from farms that call the loamy valleys around Asheville home.

The Return of Luxury

L is for luxury. L is for lavish. And L is for Lincoln. For nearly 80 years Lincoln has defined the American luxury automobile market. But for the past 13 years, Lincoln has been without its flagship luxury sedan, the Continental—until now. The Continental returns this fall with the 2017 model, a modern and elegant take on the new brand…

Ring the Bell

In the time-tested battle of art versus science, right brain versus left, it’s nearly always the left—that mathematical wizard and conquerer of quadratics—that wins in the game of success. But for Asheville’s Katie Button, it was the art of cooking that conquered her brain to win her heart.

Home Sweet Home

When Robert and Karen Anoff and pup Choppers decided to leave their snowy roost in Chicago and head south for the winter (and every other season, too), they knew their destination: Asheville. Our comparatively balmy seasons, picturesque bursts of fall color and relaxed lifestyle check all their “dream retirement home” boxes. They picked out a parcel of land on one…

A Walk on the Sunnyside

In a store bursting with colorful prints and eye-catching items, how can you possibly choose just one thing? We asked Will and Charlotte to pick out their favorite wares to make your job a little easier. Eggchairs upholstered in vintage Indian katha fabric brighten any room.

Chocolate Dreams

The best part of making these chocolate tarts is the ability to customize them according to your mood and preferences! We like to set out bowls of toppings, like toasted nuts, spices, dried fruit and herbs, and let the kids design their own flavor combinations. The quality and flavor of the chocolate really shines. We use French Broad Chocolates’ dark…

Six Pack

Call it Beer City and proclaim to keep Asheville “beered,” because we are undoubtedly a brew-focused burg! Whether you’re in the mood for a twilight ale after work or a noonday brewski on a summer Saturday, there’s a brewery in every corner of town to suit your suds craving. The only problem? What to do with the kiddos when you…

Winding, Wine-ing Roads

Schedule your own trip on the WNC Wine Trail at FrenchBroadVignerons.org. Unbeknownst to tourists and locals alike, the mountains around our brew-centered city are positively packed with wineries and vineyards, their leafy trellises blanketing the hillsides in vibrant greens. Thanks to the work of Pete Fland and the WNC Wine Trail, more and more winos are getting an introduction to…

Set the Table

In a stainless steel bowl, shave cucumbers into thin ribbons. Pick herbs from stem. Toss cucumber, berries and herbs together. Dress to taste with citronette. Divide cheese into four bowls. Divide salad on top of the cheese in each bowl. Season liberally with coarse sea salt and black pepper.

Still or Thrill

Men have been exploring our great outdoors for millennia. From adrenaline–pumping hunts on Appalachian mountainsides to reflective fishing in the quietude of our creeks, our ancestors have traipsed across these mountains for centuries. Today, men are offered different types of pursuits in the extensive outdoors that surround Asheville. Looking to get your blood pumping? Prefer to ponder the intricacies of…

Catching Fire

Chef Pete Repak’s career has spanned the country, but his favorite place thus far? “Asheville is the most beautiful place I’ve ever been. I’m not leaving,” he proclaims with his signature brand of brash honesty.