A Colorful Palate

In Ethiopia, men aren’t allowed in the kitchen. But peek behind the scenes of Asheville’s Ethiopian restaurant Addissae, and it’s the sparkling eyes and contagious grin of Neeraj Kebede you’ll find hovering over the steaming pots of greens and stews.

Against the Grain

Take a stroll down Buxton Avenue on South Slope, and you’re guaranteed a few sights: tourists glugging Asheville brews, a gaggle of hipsters, and a small crowd of gawkers gathered around a certain storefront. That storefront is Asheville Hardware.

Goddess of Brews

To the outsider’s eyes, the Asheville brewery scene may seem saturated. After all, we’ve got just shy of twenty breweries pumping out barrels within our city limits, and plenty of new ones on the way. But to us insiders, we know there’s always a new, innovative way to brew a beer or run a business. Take, for example, Bhramari Brewhouse.

Jack Schroeder’s Picks For Paddle Sports

If you're looking to learn a thing or two about paddle sports, you may want to talk to Jack Schroeder. With a strong background in whitewater kayaking and long-distance canoeing, Jack lead outdoor education classes at Appalachia State University before taking on his current role as paddle sports specialists at Diamond Brand Outdoors. Though he's paddled all over the world,…