On Being Thankful

November marks the beginning of my favorite time of year. After a day of candy-filled laughs and a costume held together by duck tape and a faulty safety pin, I dawn my Santa hat as soon as the clock strikes midnight on October 31. Don’t get me wrong, I love Halloween. But Thanksgiving and Christmas are … Continued

Lifestyle Letter

In 2016 the New York Times described Asheville as the town that “has been doing farm-to-table since before it was a marketing point.” Indeed, Asheville is (and has been) ahead of the culinary curve in more ways than one for a long time. From vegan barbecue (thanks, Luella’s) and gluten-free snacks to CBD infused ice cream … Continued

Lifestyle Letter

“Autumn, the year’s last, loveliest smile.” – William Cullen Byrant This eloquent quote from the great American poet and journalist, Mr. William Cullen Bryant, leaves my sun-kissed skin wrapped in a cloak of goose bumps. As I write this, sitting at my cluttered glass top desk, it is July. The leaves of the poplar treat … Continued

Publisher’s Letter

People who create things have always interested us.  No matter if it’s a well made belt that you wear everyday, a great song or an amazing plate of food, well made things stick with you for years.  It’s not just the product though, it’s the passion and hard work that went into making it.  People … Continued

Lifestyle Letter

Allow me to introduce myself, as I am an unfamiliar face. My name is Emily Shea and I am the new editor of the Asheville Lifestyle Magazine. As a local to the area and a lover of all things Asheville, I am overjoyed at the opportunity to be a part of this lovely publication. July’s … Continued

Publisher’s Letter

Sometimes I have to take a step back from all the hectic things in my world and appreciate not only how amazing my life truly is, but also how great it is to choose to surround myself with incredible people every day. You may have noticed from the cover that this is our Second Annual Men’s … Continued

Lifestyle Letter

“A woman in harmony with her spirit is like a river flowing. She goes where she will without pretense, and arrives at her destination prepared to be herself and only herself.”   This quote from Maya Angelou reminds me of the women you’ll find in these pages. They are strong, determined leaders, both in business and … Continued

April 2018 Lifestyle Letter

We've themed this issue around sustainability. Call it "eco" or "green" if you like, but Asheville has a history of sustainability, both environmentally and socially, stretching back in history to a time far before those buzzwords were in the lexicon. Visionaries like Carl Schenck have long cultivated (see what we did there) an ethos of preservation and proper management of the beauty…

March 2018 Lifestyle Letter

As I write this, it is 20 degrees and getting ready to snow again. We here at Asheville Lifestyle cannot wait for spring to, well, spring! In the hopes of bringing some much-needed color to your world, we've put together our Arts & Culture issue. With so many talented artists here, we feel it is vital to showcase such a huge part of what…

February 2018 Lifestyle Letter

We asked and you answered! It's with great excitement that we bring you the Readers’ Choice edition of Asheville Lifestyle Magazine.

January 2018 Lifestyle Letter

2018 is upon us!  Let's make the most of it, starting on day one.

December 2017 Lifestyle Letter

December is a month for counting your blessings and supporting your family and community. A time to take account of the year and share the joys of traditions both new and old.  We here at Asheville Lifestyle are proud to celebrate another great year in which, with the help of our partners in the magazine and you, our readers, we've been…

November 2017 Lifestyle Letter

In our Second Annual Farm-to-Table Issue, we've decided to feature an awesome variety of food culture here in Asheville. Food is a universal language, and while we humans may not be born fluent, we're all certainly quick studies. We've been gifted with an abundance of talented chefs and restaurateurs here in Asheville, and in this season, we wanted to give…

October 2017 Lifestyle Letter

At home in Asheville—is there any place you would rather be? In this issue we wanted to highlight some amazing personal spaces that reflect the creativity and beauty of our mountains. What is your favorite room in a house? So many things go into making a home, and each room offers unique respite. In our home the back porch is…

September 2017 Lifestyle Letter

Fashion. Such a loaded word. High fashion, low fashion. In or out of fashion. What does being fashionable even mean? To us, it's when someone is comfortable in their own skin (but understands they can't walk around looking like a soup sandwich). Fashion is the most personal way of expressing not only yourself and how you feel, but also how…

August 2017 Lifestyle Letter

Lagers, ales and pilsners, oh my! With 26—or wait is it 27? No, 28 breweries... well probably more than that by the time you read this... Regardless of the number, we find ourselves in the enviable position of having the most breweries per capita in these great United States! So in honor of our 2nd Annual Caps & Corks issue,…

July 2017 Lifestyle Letter

Ladies and gentlemen, summer is officially upon us. With our Second Annual Outdoor Adventure Issue, our goal was to impart knowledge from local experts on everything outdoors. From hiking some of our great trails to going down some of our local waterways, and even "glamping," we wanted a little something for everyone.

June 2017 Lifestyle Letter

During our planning for the Men's Issue this year (which I'll be honest, began last year), we had a million ideas for how to make this issue impactful. As we began to narrow down the list, we realized we wanted to highlight some men who were not only deeply invested in Asheville, but were also on the cutting edge of…

May 2017 Lifestyle Letter

It's the time of year when vacation gets on the brain. The inescapable urge to get out of town and out of the routine for a little while. This issue, we wanted to focus on two other towns in the Southeast, one of which has a well-deserved reputation as a great place to visit, while the other is quickly developing…

April 2017 Lifestyle Letter

Welcome to our 12th issue of Asheville Lifestyle! This is quite the milestone for us and we want to thank you, our readers, as well as all of our advertising partners for letting us be a part of your world! One full year and we're so excited for the future.

March 2017 Lifestyle Letter

"The Paris of the South." A town doesn't come by this name by accident. It's been odd for me, having been of small-town, midwestern upbringing (10 years in Asheville and I'm never going back!), to meet people when I travel and have them get excited when I say where I'm from. There are times when it becomes almost passé to…

February 2017 Lifestyle Letter

I am at a loss to describe the women I have encountered in my life. Women have driven me to be the woman I am, in fact made me who I am. The women who you will encounter on these pages are the women we all strive to be. The CEO. The leader who has given her life to education…

January 2017 Lifestyle Letter

Welcome to 2017, Asheville! This is always such an exciting time, simultaneously reflecting on the year that was and looking forward to the year that will be. Time to rid your pantry and your fridge of all things sweet, fatty and tempting and replace with all things green, healthy and...slightly less tempting. It's time to understand that making an investment…

December 2016 Lifestyle Letter

December: it's amazing how a month that is usually so cold can conjure up such feelings of warmth. The smell of pine that hits you the day after you put up your tree is one of my favorite things, along with putting the kids on my shoulders to put the star on the tip-top. A month to celebrate memories that…

November 2016 Lifestyle Letter

Call it “Farm to Table” or “Plow to Plate,” locally grown and organic food has become part of the ethos of Asheville. Being quite good at eating, Asheville is the place to be for us. Food is so many things, from healthy to deep fried and delicious. The people who bring us this food are as diverse as the things…

Publisher’s Letter

Home. As defined by Miriam Webster, it’s “one's place of residence” or “a place of origin.” As defined by us, it is a refuge. A place for pencil lines on the wall to see how big your kids are getting. A place for mom's china and dad's chair. A place to celebrate and to mourn, to take first day of…

Publisher’s Letter

Here's a toast to Asheville. We're a community of makers. A community of people who aren't satisfied with the standard and want to push the boundaries. “Lite-Beer” this town isn't! Artisans of all stripes call our city home, and in this issue we want to highlight the brewers and winemakers, along with the people helping grow the culture. 

The legendary…

Publisher’s Letter

Welcome to Asheville Lifestyle's inaugural Men's Issue! We can't tell you how much we've been looking forward to publishing this issue. We wanted to highlight some of our usual interests (food, the outdoors, the arts, and local business people here in Asheville), but view it through the eyes of local men. All the men we profiled in this issue are…

Publisher’s Letter

Ah, July. Summer is upon us in a big way. The 
 Fourth of July, cookouts, cold and tasty locally-brewed beverages, hot dogs and more hot dogs (or is that just us?). The heat, the afternoon rains, and then some more heat. It’s time for things to really grow.

Publisher’s Letter

It's that time of year again! The kids are out of school, everything is in bloom, and the great outdoors beckons. We are blessed to be surrounded by an abundance of stunning nature and experienced people who can help us navigate it. As definite outdoors amateurs, albeit enthusiastic ones, we've found it necessary to seek the counsel of some local…

Publisher’s Letter

Welcome to Asheville Lifestyle Magazine! 
We can't express enough how grateful we are to be publishing this magazine, which is fulfilling a dream of ours as entrepreneurs. Having raised our five children in Asheville, we felt an obligation to deliver a publication worthy of the city and all its amazing residents. Our magazine is dedicated to delivering the most engaging,…