Sasha Osada 7

Jewelry with Soul

Sasha Osada’s art is many things. Elegant and edgy, powerful and sophisticated. Her delicate, complex pieces evoke a sense of both past and present, and the joyful energy that she infuses into her creations is easily appreciated. Largely influenced by the shapes and patterns of the natural world, she incorporates precious and semi-precious stones, found and re-purposed objects, and a variety of organic shapes to create jewelry that is truly a work of fine art.

Born and raised in Shelby, North Carolina, Sasha was surrounded by a family with analytical and engineering mindsets, and she learned from an early age how to meld together the two elements of function and creativity. Connection with family has always been important to her, and she still finds inspiration in the lessons they continue to share with her and appreciates their support of her creative path.

“My parents and grandparents taught me how to use tools, and I always enjoyed the time I spent learning with them,” she says. “My grandmothers and mother are still very influential in my life, and it feels wonderful to see them wearing my jewelry… It gives me a sense of continuity between the past and present.”

Sasha attended the Savannah College of Art and Design and declared a metal smith jeweler degree. She moved to Asheville in 2000 and currently lives in Candler with her husband and two children. Working for several years as a dental assistant and technician gave her the opportunity to use her creative talents in a traditional, marketable way, but eventually she decided to take a leap of faith and focus wholeheartedly on her craft. Moving into her studio space in the River Arts District was a milestone in her creative path, and the warm, welcoming room reflects the joy that she finds in her work.

There is a bright and transformative energy that surrounds Sasha, and it stands out in the art she creates. Many of her pieces are special order items, and she spends a great deal of time with her customers, learning about them, listening to their stories, and eventually incorporating the threads of their words into a final piece of art.

“I care about the work I do, it brings me joy… Every day I’m making an impact on the world around me, and it’s up to me to decide what that impact is,” she says. “It’s wonderful to make pieces of art that bring others happiness; it’s a way to connect, to share.”

Authenticity of spirit and a genuine desire to connect with others are key elements of Sasha’s approach to life, and there is no doubt that these factors have contributed to her success as a local artist. Add to that her talent for creating truly breathtaking jewelry that tells a story, shares an experience or captures a moment, and you will begin to understand the importance of her contributions to the local arts community.