Big Day, Big Easy

Alleviate Wedding Stress at the Spa

There’s boundless stress leading up to your Big Day: guest lists to refine, deposits to pay, linens and flowers and cake flavors to choose, and one very important white dress to find. That stress can take it’s toll on a bride’s body and mind (and a groom’s). As your day approaches and your back and mind coil with tension, the most important thing you can do isn’t double-check the checklist, it’s relax.

Whether you want to invest in regular spa treatments as part of your pre-wedding regiment or want a full spa-ah day pre-ritual, it’s a good idea to take more than a little “me” time before your wedding day.

“The most important thing about spa treatments is the need to take time for yourself,” says Christina Merrill, Spa Director at the Poseidon Spa at the Grand Bohemian Hotel Asheville. We don’t need to detail the effects stress can ravage on your health, but regular spa treatments can help alleviate the stresses of wedding planning.

That might seem like the least of your worries as you prepare for the big day, but the realities of stressful planning can show up quickly—fine lines, crinkled brows, even hair loss—and can be evident on your wedding day. Regular monthly treatments can help prevent those visible symptoms and get you that wedding day glow of which you dream.

Merrill points out that the more regular your appointments are, the more comfortable you are in the situation and the more quickly you can relax, allowing your parasympathetic nervous system the break it needs to function healthfully. The benefits of those regular sessions build upon themselves over time. And if you can’t schedule monthly massages, at least spring for the longer one before the big day, she says. “If you’re not getting a massage regularly, you need a little more time to reach that place.”

Other pre-wedding benefits of massage? Improving sleep and eliminating insomnia—two symptoms of pre-wedding jitters that plague every bride; boosting immunity, because it’s everyone’s worst nightmare to be sick on the big day; and easing muscle pain and tension, which are part of that big stress package, along with persistent headaches and migraines—more symptoms that can be alleviated through massage.