Get to know the local nonprofit that is dedicated to serving undernourished communities in Buncombe County.

As we transition from summer into autumn, leaves falling and weather growing chilly, we are reminded that this beautiful season is one of being thankful and giving. Bounty & Soul knows these principles well.

Bounty & Soul is a nonprofit dedicated to serving undernourished communities by providing health and wellness resources, nutrition literacy and fresh and healthy food at no cost to their participants. The organization uses an intentional and community-based approach to reach over 700 individuals every week. Their Rooted In Health™ lessons, workshops, classes and more utilize evidence-based methods to bring the most up to date resources to attendees; all with the goal of nourishing, inspiring, teaching and connecting with individuals to encourage them to better their health and their lives.

One of the first things one may notice when they show up to a Bounty & Soul market or class is the spirit of inclusivity and community. It’s immediately welcoming and accepting. Holly, who has been attending markets for a few months, said, “There’s a sense of community and not feeling stigmatized, and feeling support and normalization. I don’t feel scared anymore.”

All five of their weekly markets provide participants with local and seasonal fresh produce at no cost while encouraging the consumption of whole foods–fresh produce and whole grains–through onsite cooking demonstrations and take-home recipes. But Bounty & Soul doesn’t stop there. Their “whole person approach” to wellness includes many resources and opportunities for education and experience, such as free yoga classes and individual and group health coaching sessions. In these, participants learn tools that they can apply within their own lives to enhance their overall wellbeing.

“Our model provides significant outcomes for those who put our teachings into practice. Local physicians are prescribing our programming to their patients who suffer from chronic diseases with good success,” said Bounty & Soul Founder and Director of Programs Ali Casparian. 

In such a season of thankfulness and giving, you can help Bounty & Soul in several ways. Every $1 raised becomes 3-4 days of fresh, healthy produce for families, seniors, children and others who struggle with hunger and their health. With only five employees, Bounty & Soul is also heavily dependent on the kindness and help of volunteers. People of all ages and skills can make a direct and measurable impact on the community through volunteer work with Bounty & Soul. Buncombe County alone has over 30,000 people struggling with food insecurity, and every volunteer can help change this.

If you are interested in learning more about their work or how you can get involved, please visit