Not All Views Are Created Equal 2

Beautiful and Breathable Sights at the Sennett Residence

Sean Sullivan began working on homes in 1995. He was employed with a construction company that was slowly winding down and in the stages of going out of business.  During that time, Sullivan began to work on his own, and what started with side jobs and renovations, soon became large-scale home projects. Since the company’s formation, Living Stone Design+Build has crafted countless homes within the immediate Asheville area.

Living Stone maintains a high level of professionalism. Their reputation is merited and they’re proud of their work. To build happier, healthier lives is their mission, and the homes they build are green, with a focus on healthy indoor air quality. Every home is unique and, as such, calls for a unique team. With so many projects going on at the same time, good management is one of the keys to success. Living Stone also strives to keep their process closely tied to their clients, who, in turn, appreciate the level of intimacy the company brings to their projects.

Living Stone’s latest project is the Sennett Residence: A beautiful 5,000-square-foot home that overlooks the mountains in Asheville, North Carolina. Located not far from the central Asheville area, the lot was heavily wooded during the conception stages of the project. It sat upon an incredibly steep slope and phase one was building the retaining wall that allowed room for a solid foundation. After months of preparation work, the home itself began to take shape on the lot. The entire construction process took two years.

The Sennett residence is built with five bedrooms, five and a half bathrooms and features interior furnishing by ID.ology Interiors & Design–an Asheville-based company that partners with Living Stone’s clients during the homemaking process. A large living area that connects to a dining room looks out to a breathtaking view of Asheville through large windows that let light into the home. Living Stone homes are green, so solar panels are utilized to help power the beautiful home’s large living spaces. A passive radon system helps to prevent the entry of unwanted gasses to the home.

To learn more about Living Stone, visit their website or call 855-720-2435 to schedule a consult.